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  • How to measure haze?

  • Recently, we receive many customer inquiries for haze measurement. We will introduce it today.
    Question: What kind of material need measure haze?
    Answer: Transparent and translucent plastic sheet, thin film, glass and other similar products need measure haze. For example, home glass, generally requires have a high haze. Because with haze, inner room will be bright; and people from outside can not see things inside the room.
    Question: What is haze?
    Answer: The haze we refer today is the transmission haze. The amount of light that is subject to Wide Angle Scattering at an angle greater than 2.5° from normal (ASTM D1003). The greater the haze value means that transparency declines, that is, "seeing is not clear".
    The following are the steps to measure haze.
    The first step: connect CS-820 spectrophotometer with PC. (choose USB interface and enter into it then connect with PC by USB cable.)

    The second step: Set parameters such as light source (C light source) and observe degree (2 degree)( Setup—Angle/Source Testing).Then set “haze” for measurement (Setup—list option—Index—Haze).

    The third step: instrument transmission calibration
    Black calibration: we can use the black trap cover to cover on the transmission hole to make sure no light will enter into it. Or we can use stand black tile like show in the picture.
    White calibration: We will put nothing on the transmission hole to let the light scatter.

    Haze is without unit, it is haze (%), it is a relative value comparing with air. We need measure the air color value before test. Note: Black trap should be put on the reflectance measurement pot.

    Black trap should be put on the reflectance measurement pot

    Glass Transmission Haze Measurement
    The Fourth Step: After measurement, we can see the test result on PC screen.

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