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  • what is a principle of a colorimeter?

  •                                                 what is a principle of a colorimeter?

        Colorimeter is widely used for plastic, paint,print,textile,dying,food and other industries for color measurement. And its used to stimulate the instrument three object color measurement value or the chromaticity coordinates. The following mainly introduces the principle of a colorimeter.

      Colorimeter is a color measuring instrument that uses red, green and blue three color filters to decompose the reflected light of the color samples, and then the sensors are received and converted into color chromaticity values.


        The principle of work is introduced: there are two types of chromometer, one is direct three, and the other is based on spectral photometry. All the two colorimeter uses the basic color matching method in physical simulation.


        Color matching is the comparison of one color to another. Only when the environment remains stable, it is possible to make an accurate judgement of the equality between the two colors and the differences between them. Color matching lays the foundation of color measurement, that is to say, the basis of chromaticity measurement is laid.







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