Color Knowledge
  • Road traffic color detection of the standard test

  • First, the outline of the standard description

        Contour marks, which are retroreflective traffic safety facilities that are located along the edges of both sides of the road and indicate the direction and boundary of the road.
    There are many kinds of outline standard. According to the set conditions can be pided into embedded in the ground column outline standard attached to the structure attached to the outline of the standard; by shape can be pided into columns, trapezoidal, circular and rectangular outline standard; can be pided by color White and yellow two. Column profile marked according to their different characteristics of the column material can be pided into ordinary column outline standard and flexible column outline standard.

    Second, the outline of the color coordinates of the provisions

        GB / T 24970-2010 Contour standard stipulates that the contours of the surface color of the color chromaticity coordinates should be within the range specified in the following table.

        GB / T 24970-2010 outline standard provides that the surface color using GB / T 3978 standard lighting body and geometric conditions of the D65 standard lighting and 45 ° / 0 ° lighting observation conditions, according to GB / T 3979 object color Color measurement methods, measuring the reflectance of the sample spectrum, and then calculate the color coordinates of the chromaticity, under the same conditions, respectively, the brightness of the sample and the standard diffuse whiteboard measured, the ratio between the two is Brightness factor, or direct reading colorimeter directly measured the chromaticity coordinates and brightness factor of each color.

        Obviously, the use of direct-reading colorimeter method is more convenient and quick. At the same time, GB / T 24970-2010 standard specifies the contours of the target illumination body D65 light source, the observation conditions should be used 45 ° / 0 ° to measure the color coordinates of the contour surface color.

    Third, CHNSpec measurement programs

        CHNSpec 45 ° / 0 ° spectrophotometer is a 45 ° / 0 ° optical structure of the spectrophotometer, 45 ° / 0 ° geometry and optical structure of the most consistent visual perception of color values. Observation of light sources up to 23 species, including D65 outline standard observation light source.

    CHNSpec CS-800C and CS-600C

        Innovative ring lighting system achieves high accuracy and repeatability.

    The following describes the CHNSpec 45 ° / 0 ° spectrophotometer measurement steps

    The first step: black and white calibration
        Put the instrument test port on the black cavity, press "Enter" key to calibrate, after the short beep sound is finished; after the black calibration is completed, place the instrument test port on the white board, press "Enter" key to calibrate, short beep beep Complete the white calibration after the sound.

    The second step: standard measurement
        On the main page, use the Up and Down keys to select "Set Icon", Enter to enter the "Settings" interface, select "Yxy" and exit to the main page to enter the "Measurement Interface". Click the test button to measure the sample.

    The third step: sample measurement
        Click "Menu Key" to enter the test sample interface, test the sample.

        Simple three steps, easy to measure the outline of the chromaticity coordinates x, y value, Y / 100 can get the brightness factor we want to test, so as to complete the contour color quality testing.
        A qualified outline not only need to test whether the color is qualified, but also the appearance size, appearance quality, weather resistance, salt spray corrosion test, high and low temperature test, tightness test, bending performance test, black mark peel test to determine whether qualified. Qualified products can stand the test, rigorous testing to our most satisfied with the product.
        Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd. products in the domestic printing, coatings, auto parts, metal, household appliances, food safety, medical testing and other industries and research institutions have been widely used. The unremitting efforts of R & D and brand services have ensured the stability of our products and are committed to providing good quality products and services to our customers. CHNSpec technology is willing to work with you to common development and progress!








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