Gloss Meter


        Gloss meters are mainly used in the surface gloss measurement for paint, plastic, metal, ceramics, building materials and so on. Our gloss meter conform to the DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ASTM D 523, JIS Z8741, BS 3900 Part D5, JJG696 standards and so on.
      Gloss Meter CS-380

      1.Instrument introduction
      1.     High Precision
      Our gloss meters use top of the line sensors from Japan, high end OP chips and processor chips from the US to ensure highly precise gloss measurement for every piece of your measured data.
      Our gloss meters conform to JJG 696 standard for class one gloss meters. Every machine has metrology accreditation certificate from State Key Laboratory of modern metrology and testing instruments and Engineering center of the Ministry of Education in China.
      2.     High Stability (Patent ZL2012201796876)
      Uses our patent protected dual light path technology, our gloss meters have stability of 0.2GU.
      Every one of our gloss meter instruments has undergone the following:
      412 calibration tests;
      43200 stability tests;
      110 hours of accelerated aging test;
      and 17000 vibration tests.
      3.     Comfortable  Grip
      The hull is made of Dow Corning TiSLV material, a desirable elastic material. It is resistant to UV and bacteria and usually do not cause allergy, for better user comfort.
      4.     Free APP
      We offer free App for easier data transmission and display as well as the ability to view measured data at any time.
      5.     High Battery Capacity
      We fully utilized every inch of space in the neat and comfortable instrument hull with specially designed 4.4V high density lithium battery, which has enough battery capacity to complete 54300 measurements before the battery runs out.
      2.Instrument details

      Model CS-380
      Test angle 20°、60°、85°
      Test light spot(mm) 20°:10*10
      Test range 20°:0-2000GU
      Index value 0.1GU
      Test modes Average mode, standard and test sample measurement mode
      Repeatability 0-100GU:0.2GU  
      Accuracy Conform to JJG 696 standard for class one gloss meters
      Test time < 1s 0.5s
      Data storage 100 standard samples; 10000 test samples
      Size(mm) 165*51*77
      Weight About 400g
      Language Simplified Chinese, English
      Battery capacity 3000mAh lithium battery
      Port USB, Bluetooth (optional)
      PC software  
      Working temperature 0-40℃
      Working humidity <85%, no condensation
      Accessories 5V/2A recharger, USB cable, user manual, software CD, calibration boards, metrology accreditation certificate
      Application Field

      1.       Three years quality assurance;
      2.       If there are quality problems with the instrument, we offer replacement instrument for the user;
      3.       Every instrument comes with metrology test report to ensure the authority of measurement data.