Portable Spectrophotometer



        CS-650 Spectrophotometer
        Use Xenon,

        Cover a wide range of spectrum,

        Measure accurately fluorescent color,

        Compatible with SCI (specular component included) and SCE (eliminate specular reflection),

        Have got the domestic certification of measurement,

        Large capacity of Storage,

        Large FTF display,

        Lower power of design,

        Large capacity for rechargeable lithium battery,

        Internal powerful software.
      CS-650 Spectrophotometer (The difference of Model A  or Model B is measuring caliber)

      1.1.          Product Introduction
      1.    The instrument adopts the geometric conditions of D/8 lighting and observation of CIE recommendations, integration of the full band LED composite light source to provide all the necessary color formula, coating, printing, textile, meet plastic, food, medicine, automobile field measurement needs.
      2.    The instrument uses camera to catch the view to measure clearly the chosen area
      In the past the measure instruments measuring the chosen area by visually always makes a certain amount of deviation; And now CHNSpec spectrophotometer puts the camera in its optical system  and users can watch the chosen area more clearly to avoid the deviation.
      3.     The LED balanced light source with the entire wavelength(Patent No.:ZL2013107548347)
      The LED balanced light source with the entire wavelength ensures the sufficient spectral distribution  in all range and avoid the lack of some optical spectrum under the white led light source. The followed technology ensures the speed of measurement and  the accuracy of results and the study has been published by the National Top journals SCI Optical "Chinese Optics letters".
      4.    ETC   Every Time Calibration(Patent No.:ZL20130373360.1)
      The current test instrument measures  with the reference standard of external whiteboard . When the white stain, the accuracy of the instrument can not be guaranteed. Our product spectrophotometer adopts the innovative ETC (Every Test Calibration technology and set the standard whiteboard in the optical system to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of each test.
      5.    The standard software of color management
      The spectrophotometer can be connected through the use of PC and color management software, it is easy to the quality control and color data management of enterprises. The color management of user data, compare the color difference, generate test report, to provide a variety of color space data, color management of customized customer.
      6.    The technology of automatic gloss compensation(Patent No.ZL201310511357.1
      The different gloss of the material surfaceand the different illumination of measurement instrument would have a great impact. Our products break the block of foreign science and technology  and firstly adopts the automatic gloss compensation technology to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data , the study has been published in the top foreign optics  SCI "OPTIK".
      7.    Innovative spectroscopic  techniques SCS the optical engine (patent number: ZL201210337619.2)
      Our products adopts the innovative SCS optical engine with the single-grating and double optical light path to create the highest measurement repeatability of handheld instrument in the industry and to ensure the measurement accuracy of the material surface’s color .
      8.    The report of national verification        
      We have carried out the verification test for every spectrophotometer by the authoritative department for metrological verification when the instruments came out from the factory. And the measurement data can be traced from the National Institute of Metrology to ensure the authority of test data.

      9. The longest warranty time in the industry.

      Three years quality assurance;
      If there are quality problems, we offer replacement instrument for the user;
      Every instrument comes with metrology test report to ensure the authority of measurement data. And at the same time we save one-year calibration charge for our users.

      Product features