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  • Three Angles Color Spectrophotoemter CS-390 Application

  • Three Angles Color Spectrophotoemter CS-390 Application

    Part 1. Why need three angles spectrophotometer for color measurement?
    1. Three angles color spectrophotometer is mainly used for car paint industry
    to measure the metallic paint, pearlescent paint and effective paint.

    ΔMetallic Paint ΔPearlescent Paint ΔEffective Paint

    2. Observing the effective paint from different angles, the human eye has
    different color perception.

    So it is necessary to measure the car paint with multi-angles spectrophotometer.
    As show in the following figure, the silver metallic paint has different reflectance under
    different angles.

    Three Angles Color Spectrophotometer Measurement Interface

    Part 2. How to find car paint formula?
    We will need spctrophotometer and software, firstly. Now we introduce how to do it step by

    Step 1. Car paint manufacturer will build the color formula database in instrument
    PC software.

    Step 2. Open the PC software, click “database-find similar color”.

    Step 3. Measure the sample, software will help to find the most similar color and
    get formula.

    Part 3. Use three angles spectrophotometers CS-390 to find car paint formula has the
    following advantages.

    1. It makes color matching job much easier.
    2. It can gives different options.
    3. Fast test twice can get formula.
    4. Simple instrument interface which is easier to use.
    5. Rubber pat to prevent the instrument from sliding when reading
    6. Small aperture which is convenient to measure on curve surface
    7. Bluetooth function can be custom made to connect with mobile devices.
    8. Three angles to get the test result from different test angles.
    9. Light weight, small size and easily carrying
    10. Instrument adopts LED light which is long lifetime, can be used for 10 years. 

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