Textile Industry
  • Colorimeter for Silk Stocking Color Measurement

  • Silk stocking with suitable colothes is really good looking. Silk stocks can not only protect leg skins but also hide the skin defects. Suitable clothes with silk stocking make ladies more charming.

    If the silk stocking is with color difference, what will happen? It will let people feel uncomfortable, even disgust. How to solve the color difference problem? So now, we will use the colorimeter made by CHNSpec Technology for its color quality control.
    The sample silk stocking is made by acrylic fibers. In order to measure one stocking color, we will choose several test points for color measurement.

    We will use CS-210 colorimeter. CS-210 colorimeter is with camera to view the testing area which will made measurement higher accuracy. Use CS-210 to measure different points, we will get the color difference values.

    If we need get higher accuracy L*a*b value, we could choose spectrophotometer. It is so easily to control the color difference with our colorimeter, why not stop it now?
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