• Difference between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

  • 1.Colorimeter’s testing accuracy is limited. It is only suitable for getting the Delta-E value between two samples. Its advantage is its price is low. It can not tell the exact L*a*b value so it can not be used for data communication with others.
    2.Spectral colorimeter improves the testing accuracy and can get the exact L*a*b value. Its light sources choice are less than spectrophotometer.
    3.Spectrophotometers can be separated into 2 kinds 0/45 degrees and d/8 sphere by geometry structure. 0/45 degrees spectrophotometer is only suitable for measure smooth area and can not work with color matching software. D/8 sphere spectrophotometer can be used for measuring most kind of products and can work with color matching software. It contains two test modes SCI (spectral component include) and SCE(spectral component exclude).
    4.How to choose spectrophotometer?
    1).Difference manufacturer’s difference types lead to different testing accuracies and results. So it is very important to choose type and manufacturer.
    2).Besides micron processor, light source, sphere, detector are very important to evaluate an instrument.
    3).Spectrophotometers are separated into single beam and double beams. Double beams instrument has the advantage of high accuracy, however, its cost is higher than single beams.
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