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  • Chemical Powder Liquid Color Measurement

  • Chemical Powder Reflectance and Liquid Transmittance Color Measurement
    Recently, we have done a project for a customer to measure chemical powder reflectance and liquid transmittance measurement with our benchtop spectrophotometer CS-820.
    The following are the customer’s sample pictures.

    Now we will introduce how to measure chemical powder and liquid color.
    Chemical Powder Reflectance Color Measurement
    Step 1. Switch on the instrument, and then calibrate it.

    Step 2. Step 3. Open the Color QC software. Connect the instrument with PC by USB cable. Put the sample on the measurement aperture and fix it with the fixture.
    Step 3. In order to make sure the accuracy, we will measure 3 points on one sample. After measurement, we can see the test result directly on the software.
    Chemical Liquid Transmission Color Measurement
    Step 1. Choose “Transmission” on software.


    Step 2. Do transmittance calibration on the instrument. (White calibrations is done with glass cell and distill water and black calibration is with calibration cover.)
    White Calibration     Black Calibration
    Step 3. Measure the samples and then get color value on software directly.
    Spectrophotometer can help to get color value faster. It will save time and higher accuracy then visual method.
    CHNSpec Tech is specialized on manufacturing colorimeter, spectrophotometer, gloss meter and haze meter for products color, gloss and haze measurement. If any inquiry, welcome to contact me for more details. 

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